• Reflexologists

    Feet, Hands, and Ears Reflexology Select Task
  • Speech Therapist

    Speech-language pathologists help to improve the quality of life for those who experience problems with speaking, understanding or hearing. Speech-language pathologists treat patients who: Cannot speak or speak clearly, Have swallowing difficulties, Have trouble reading, writing or completing computations, Cannot attend to tasks, concentrate, remember information, problem solve, reason or exercise good judgment. Select Task
  • Occupational therapist

    Occupational therapists help restore the ability to perform activities of daily living and tasks in the home and work environment. They treat conditions that are mentally, physically, developmentally or emotionally disabling, and teach patients how to regain skills or compensate for permanent loss of function. Conditions treated with occupational therapy include: Arm/wrist/hand injuries or surgery, Joint replacements, Stroke or neurological diseases and injuries, Patients with impaired self-car Select Task
  • Physical Therapist

    Physical therapists help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit permanent disability for patients who have experience an injury or illness. Conditions treated with physical therapy include: Orthopedic injuries or surgery, Joint replacements, Heart and/or breathing problems, Stroke or neurological diseases and injuries, People who fall or are at risk for falls Select Task
  • Medical Doctor

    See A Doctor now, In The comfort of your home. Physician consultation, Follow-up for non-emergency ailments, Medication prescription, Minor procedure, Minor surgery Select Task
  • Caregivers

    Senior Care, Assist with showering, dressing and grooming, Help with meal preparation, Transport and accompany you to medical appointments and outings Select Task
  • Registered/Specialists Nurses

    Assess, monitor and provide assistance with general health and wellbeing, Wound Care, Medication and Pain Management, Ante/Post natal care and support, Transport and accompany you to medical appointments and outings Select Task

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  • Aircon Cleaning and Servicing (Floor Mounted-Type)
  • Airport - Hotel Transfer
  • Airport to Cebu City Hotels and Resorts
  • Airport to Mactan Lapu-lapu City Hotels and Resorts