it is a website application that connects people who needs help, with neighborhood taskers, a network of pre-screened and background checked individuals, who have the skills and more importantly the time, needed to complete the listed task..

You need to login as customer and then select category of work you need to do, then enter the details about your task. Finally you select and assign the task to particular idoltasker..

In Account page, we can easily manage our account details and also the details about tasks.

From bottom of the page, there are two languages (english, french). You can select whatever language you want.....

Just click signup and move on to " I am a tasker". Then, enter all the details about you (name, location, username, password etc.,). After clicking signup, you can upload your image and also able to enter details regarding your working category too..

For deleting account, go to account page. Then select Deactivate tab in the leftside panel..